According a report, pressure-sensitive or self-adhesive label has the maximum market share, followed by wet-glue. The global printed labels market is said be worth 41.6 billion USD by 2019 in pressure sensitive and adhesive labels.
While Banerjee stressed that green initiatives and new technologies will be game-changers in the future, he named visual and tactile changes as megatrends. Also, digital printing is going to play key role in future, especially for labels.
Ameya Pradhan of Dabur India stressed on creative solutions and fast delivery. Mnemonics is a key ingredient in labels design and manufacturing, he said. Plus, turnaround time is critical from a brand’s perspective.
Pradhan said as packaging and labels are the first introduction of a product/brand with customers, it has been observed that customer usually spend more time with interactive labels in a supermarket than vertical or horizontal labels.
He added that in the FMCG sector, 85% labels are PS. The same is the case with Dabur. This is followed by shrink sleeves and in-mould labels.

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